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Healthy Behavior Change Is Possible With Effective Education

By: TIP Global Health | March 16, 2021

TIP’s work in rural communities is able to provide several tools to assist community members in a myriad of ways. Christine’s story shows the impact of empowered frontline health workers and a community-driven health solution.

When Christine first learned that she was HIV positive, she was confronted with a great deal of misinformation and was concerned that she would die from the virus. Community members and colleagues gossiped about her behind her back, and in turn she felt isolated and hopeless. Because of the stigma she faced, she did not follow through on implementing any of the health recommendations provided to her by frontline health workers. 

Christine became involved in TIP Global Health’s program, but at first she was skeptical. Over time, however, she developed friendships with other HIV positive women, many of whom had already been living with HIV for ten years or more. She saw first-hand that they were able to lead happy, healthy lives. This gave her hope for her future for the first time since her diagnosis.

Through TIP’s health education trainings, Christine learned how to safely breastfeed her child and how to prepare a balanced diet for herself. She also utilized TIP’s Aheza porridge for her baby, which helped the child receive critical micronutrients to stave off malnutrition. Today, Christine has the tools needed to provide a happy and healthy life for both herself and her family. 


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