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Digital Health

The Challenge

Frontline health workers and health care systems are stretched beyond their capacity. Most digital health tools are designed for simplicity of technology, specific programmatic needs, or national data reporting requirements, rather than to ease the burdens of frontline health workers.

Our Solution

TIP Global Health believes building strong, community-driven health systems – with thriving frontline health workers at their heart – is the only effective and sustainable solution. TIP’s E-Heza Data Solutions is a digital app designed by and for the frontline health worker that can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

With a global shortfall of 18 million frontline healthcare workers and the pressure on the existing health workforce to provide more services to more people more often, it is critical that digital tools are designed to support the needs of frontline healthcare workers and their ability to provide higher quality care to the community members they serve.

E-Heza captures essential data at the point of care to improve the health of mother and child by providing frontline health workers with immediate insights to help personalize information and advice, and help the mother track the well-being of her child. That data is automatically linked to the Ministry of Health database, providing timely and accurate data reports for better public health policy decision making.

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Our Impact

Serving a catchment area of 450,000 people, E-Heza has directly improved the quality of care for over 112,000 mothers and children, and by 2023, the system will directly reach nearly 250,000 patients serving a catchment area of 3.2 million people across Rwanda. Although it was developed for maternal and child health, E-Heza now serves as the foundation for all primary health care.

Health Centers using E-Heza
Community Health Workers, Nurses & Midwives using E-Heza
minutes saved per patient interaction
drop in severe malnutrition after three visits
frontline health workers using E-Heza
improvement in Quality of Care
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